Keys World:


1961 Hammond A101 and a custom built Leslie both of which sound incredible.  My brother Neal says it's one of the nicest Hammond's he's played.  For all other keys I have Keyscape along with an M-Audio Keystation 88 key weighted controller. a Roland A30 semi weighted controller and a Kurzweil K2000 keyboard which gets used as a synth controller.  If you're not familiar with Keyscape, check this out!!  It was used on Soulive Cinematics Vol.1 and Ae3 The Wild Root.


Guitar World:


Supro Tremo Verb - this amp has been used on over 95% of everything at Iron Wax Studios!!

1982 Fender Twin II - this is a Paul Rivera designed and built Twin.  All hand wired.  Killing!!

1970's Gibson G-35 - great little 1x10 solid state with reverb and tremolo 

1970's Gibson Thor - amazing 2x10 solid state amp

1970's Univox U-1086 - amazing bass or guitar head.  Full of tubes and very Bassman like

2000's Vox AC-30 with Blue Alnico speakers

My early 90's MIJ Fender '54 Stratocaster reissue is always there and wanting to be played.  Hands down one of the nicest Strats you'll ever play!!

Fender Squier Tele - just a really good sounding fun guitar

Lots of fun pedals.....


Bass World: 

1970's EMC B220 and bass cabinet


My Fender Squier P-Bass with Labella flat wounds is incredible!!


Drum World:


Custom made Tama Star - Absolutely amazing handmade for me by one guy in Japan.  

Sizes: K 22x14, K 20x14, FL 16x14, Rk12x8, Sn 14x6.5, Sn 14x5.5 all Maple


Tama Silverstar Limited 

Sizes: K 22x16, Fl 16x16, Rk 12x8, Rk 10x8


Tama Silverstar Jazz - Awesome!!!

Sizes: K 18x14, Fl 14x14, Rk 12x8

1967 Ludwig

Sizes: K 22x14, Fl 16x16, Rk 13x8 


50's Ludwig 20x12 Kick Drum - The only way to describe this kick drum is magical!!  Used it on Soulive's Cinematics Vol. 1.


2 1971 Ludwig Acrolite snare drums - what else needs to be said!!!


1940's Ludwig snare drum - I got this drum for Christmas when I was four years old.  Sounds amazing!!!




More dope Zildjan cymbals than you will be able to record on one album....