What a great experience it was recording the 4th BT ALC Big Band album with Alan Evans. Super pro in every way. Most notable was Al’s level of preparation as it is not an easy task to record an 18 piece funk band. He listened to what our vision was, checked out our 3 previous records and a few live shows, learned about the musicians and researched what the “best practice” was and gave us a few options. Al made everyone feel super comfortable to ensure the cats could focus on the music! Many of the guys commented that it was one of the best sessions they had been a part of. Alex and I got rough mixes back promptly and I can’t wait to finish the process. I also had the opportunity to record some Horns parts for English funk band Crowd Company with Al over at Iron Wax. Equally great experience and that record came out great! Iron Wax is the place to be and Al is about as professional as it gets!

Brian "BT" Thomas - BT ALC Big Band


Al is the man. He exercises his knowledge and experience in very humble and supportive way, while still pushing you to play your best. With Al the music always comes first, and it shows!

Cove Jasmie - Shakewell


Eavesdrop had the pleasure of recording our first full length album with Alan at Iron Wax. Iron Wax Studio has the vibe you need, for sure. Alan provides a great balance of letting you do your own thing to figure out what you really, truly want to hear, while calmly and creatively guiding you toward the sound you couldn't even imagine was possible. His approach makes the music sound real, intimate, and raw and he knows just how to make each musician shine in their own way. Alan fills the room with positivity, for sure. He's a wizard!

Kara Wolf - Eavesdrop


Alan is the realest. We recorded my band, Wurliday's first EP with Alan at Iron Wax studios. This was my first personal endeavor into the studio and I don't think there's another engineer/producer on the planet that could have made me feel more at ease then Al. One of my favorite things about the experience was Alan's willingness to experiment and dive deep into any sort of idea that might have come up. Iron wax is a beautiful and supportive creative space driven by Alan who will always go the extra mile for you and your art. Thankful for the experience.

Justin Henricks - Wurliday

Brian Sokol.jpg

I had the pleasure of recording both a full length album and EP with Alan at Iron Wax with my band Big Spender Trio. I loved every minute of the experience and would recommend the studio to anyone looking for an amazing sounding studio and unbeatable experience. I can confidently say my band has ended up with the desired sound we were going for on every aspect of the recording. The guitar, drums, organ and bass tones came out with a special sound aesthetic which has helped define our sound as a band and makes the recordings exciting to listen to over and over again. With the tools Alan has available at Iron Wax, I believe this concept is achievable for any type of music that rolls through this studio. It’s really up to you! The studio is an open and comfortable layout which allows creativity to flow without barriers. Everyone in the room is involved in the process. No walls, no glass, no roadblocks. Just you, your music and the inspiration of this special studio environment. Not only does Iron Wax have some of the most inspirational and professional equipment that you want to be using, but Alan’s approach to recording is a serious game changer!! His positive, anything is possible, can-do attitude and overall vibe cannot be beat. He gets on your level to respect your music for what you bring to the table and only raises it higher for you in so many ways. I consistently feel like the sky is the limit for sounds and creativity when I walk into Iron Wax. That is one of the greatest feelings I can have as a musician as I work to bring my musical ideas and concepts into the world for others to experience. Al has worked with many of the best in the business as an artist, recording engineer, mixing engineer and producer which brings a special level of expertise and vibe to the table as well. He will let you record your album whichever way you desire, but will also offer producer recommendations if desired. It’s an amazing feeling when you are able to receive input like this in the studio from someone who really understands what the song needs. Either way, it’s all good! If anything needs tweaking or adjustments, we quickly find a way to do so and then we are back recording in no time… I can go on and on, but the best way for you to see how well this studio is run is to listen to the range of music that has been created at Iron Wax and check it out for yourself! Check the Iron Wax website for some audio examples of what has rolled through this spot so far!! Best of luck with your next recording project!

Brian Sokol - Big Spender Trio